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There will be stuff here...but this page is under contruction (as the graphic below suggests)...SO HOLD ONTO OUR SOCKS, I will get this going as quickly as I can :P


Current and past pets
Just click on the photo to head to the albums! Don't forget to check out the videos when I can get all of them posted! Please note not every single last soul I have had the honor to own will get on this list, not because I didn't love 'em, but because I cant find any good photos. Appoligies! <3

[photo link to be added]Drake's Squirrels Worst Nightmare "Chad"
Detroit Rednose Pit Bull
[photo link to be added]Drake's Black White Delight "Oreo"
American Shorthair
[photo link to be added]Drake's KC Kase'em "KC"
Working Chinook Dog
[photo link to be added]Mischeif of Took a Chance "Bandit"
Working Pembroke Welsh Corgi
[photo link to be added]Tri-Fi Texas Tornado "Twister"
Working Pemboke Welsh Corgi
[photo link to be added]Don't Let Me Down "Fancy"
Border Collie; Service Dog
[photo link to be added]Loboas Teddy Bears Picnic "Paws"
9-differed Breeds Mastiff x Shepherd types
[photo link to be added]My Corn Snakes
Elaphe gutatta gutatta
[photo link to be added]My Leopard Geckos
Eublepharis macularius
[photo link to be added]My Black Rat Snakes
Pantherophis obsoletus obsoletus
[photo link to be added]My Hognose Snakes
Heterodon nasicus
[photo link to be added]My Thayer's Kingsnakes
Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri
[photo link to be added]My Praying Mantis
Mostly Flower Mantid
[photo link to be added]My Giant African Land Snails
Achatina fulica
[photo link to be added]My Triops
Triops longicaudatus

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